Upcoming Competitions

Black Bear is pleased to announce hosting the "Unholy Alliance Match" directed by Alex Cordesman and Jay Monych

This will be a light and heavy gun match with targets out to 2200 yards plus.  The light class will be a perfect setup for the new ELR shooter and smaller calibers.  You will be able to compete with calibers up to .338 Lapua in the light class but don't be afraid to come run your lighter caliber guns.

As always at BBSC, the angles and winds you will be required to shoot will make it extremely challenging to all heavy class guns regardless of the distance.

This will be a cash prize match and entrants can shoot both classes.

Entry fee: $150 per class and $250 for both classes

Lunch will be provided on both days for entrants.

Contact us at info@BlackBearSC.com for any questions.  See our Lodging Page for information on places to stay near the range.

Register at: HTTPS://Practicscore.com/Unholy-Alliance-Match/register

We look forward to seeing everyone there

More details to follow

Unholy Alliance Match April 17-18, 2021