Membership to BBSC is open.  Applicants must fill out hold harmless agreements as well as the membership application.  Members are not allowed to bring guests and all shooters on premises must be members.  Prior to granting membership, BBSC's Chief Range Safety Officer will certify that the member has the skill and equipment necessary to safely shoot on our ranges.  Applicants must download and sign All Files.  Completed documents must be mailed with a check to BBSC.  The check will not be cashed until the member is certified by the CRSO.


The Fees for membership will include a one time initiation fee as well as annual dues.  Initiation Fee is $1000 and annual dues the first year are $200.  Fees can be paid by credit card or checks.  Checks must be mailed with the application.  Checks must be made out to HAC Security, LLC.  

Mailing Address:

3069 Lauras Lane
Gladstone, Va 24553

BBSC Standard Operating Procedures and Rules

BBSC Hold Harmless Agreement

BBSC Range Rules

BBSC Membership Application

Landowner Hold Harmless Agreement