Upcoming Courses

Precision Rifle ansd Introduction to ELR - April 10-11, 2021

1 or 2 day Course.  $250/day

Day 1 - Basics of Precision Rifle.   This will focus on the fundamentals of Precision Rifle and will include both classrooom and range time.  targets will be 100-1000 yds.  

Day 2-Extreme Long Range.  building on the basics, this will extend the targets to 2000 yards.

For more information contact us at info@BlackBearSC.com.

Course Description:

Basics of Precision Rifle-The class will consist of introduction to long range precision rifle shooting.  Classroom topics will include setting up a precision rifle, ballistics, use of a Kestrel.  Range time will include zeroing the rifle, fundamentals of shooting, ranging targets, using ballistic data, and spotting.

Extreme Long range-The class will consist of the proper methodology to shooting and competing in the ELR Sport.  The day will start with a basic briefing on the true meaning of ELR, distances, targets and environmental along with the equipment needed to be successful.  Next we will move to zeroing of your weapons at 100yds and verifying muzzle velocity at 1000yds to set up the ballistic app.  We will then take the time to shoot and discuss each shot to make sure each student understands what and how they are achieving impacts.  Proper shooting form and how to run the weapon accurately and efficiently will be a major thrust throughout the class.  We will be taking each student's weapon as far as possible during the class. Expect to shoot out to 2000 yds if your weapon is capable.

Equipment Needed:

  • Weapon that can shoot 1 MOA or better at 100 yds
  • 75 rounds of ammunition per day
  • Optics with zero lock and elevation capabilities to shoot 1400 yds or more
  • Anti cant level for optic
  • Rear Bag
  • Bipod
  • Shooting mat optional
  • Water and any food or snacks needed for the day

Register at: https:\\Practicescore.com/events/introduction-to-precision-rifle-and-extreme-long-range-shooting/participants/create